Often the challenges that we face daily can seem overwhelming.  So many things to get done, so many people depending on you to meet their needs, that often you find that you place your own needs at the end of the list.  Taking time to quietly mediate, to pray, to share your burden with our heavenly father can result in a sense of wellbeing, a reduction in anxiety or loneliness and a sense of self that is more balanced. It is also a powerful tool to help you release long help resentments and negative thoughts and emotions.

Prayerful meditation can be a tool to reduce unhealthy stress and create a space where you can benefit from inner stillness and mindful peace.  Prayerful medication can provide both metal and physical benefits.  Spiritual medication has been shown to improve  and help create a powerful sense of who you are on a spiritual level. Other benefits such as  lowering your blood pressure or heart rate have also been observed. This practice can help to relax your nervous system helping you ease the physical manifestation of stress on your physical body.

When you spend time in quite prayerful mediation  you open your heart, giving you the opportunity to allow our Lord to guide and support you in ways that you might not even image.  You will find that you no longer feel alone in your struggles, and gain comfort from the knowledge that our Lord is there for you in both times of joy and difficulties.

It is important to remember that prayer and meditation are not simply an act of duty but rather a gift you give to oneself, by placing your spiritual wellbeing at the top of your daily to do list. Through this simple act you will find that you are better able to meet the demands of your life.